ASSET Management

Our asset management team have one goal in mind – to unlock and create future value on our communities for our investors and residents. Future value is methodically approached through:

To date, we’ve created over $820 million in value for our investors.

We maintain stable growth with minimal loss.

Our investors benefit from our significant experience, extensive professional network, and a proven strategic approach that is focused on growth and sustainability. We’re just as interested in materially improving the performance of our portfolio as we are in maintaining a stable growth pattern with minimal loss.

Property management is critical to delivering extraordinary value.

Chaucer Creek Capital’s perspective on investment comes from the ground up. We know that value doesn’t just come from the improvements made on a property, but also from how it is managed once it begins to fill with residents. Simply put, better property management leads to better returns for our investors. And it also ensures the comfort and long-term satisfaction of our residents. 

To provide the best possible property management operation for communities, we outsource this function to experts in each local area. In so doing, we’re able to remain focused on what we do best – creating extraordinary value for our investors.

Better property management leads to better returns for our investors.

We can immediately shift management companies if needed.

We build flexibility into our property management approach.

 Every market has its own needs and challenges, and we believe that investors should never be tied down to a single property management company, but rather have access to the best-in-class managers in every market where we invest. Our management agreements have built-in flexibility so we can replace a manager should their performance not meet expectations. This not only eliminates the conflicts of interest that are so often found in the real estate industry today, but it also keeps management companies competitive and sharp, thereby increasing the return on investment.


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