our approach

The key to our success has been our steadfast, strategically focused business approach in five key areas:


Corporate Structure

We’re privately held, so we don’t have to gain transaction approvals from a board or fund. This, along with our lean size, allows for swift decision-making and the nimbleness to take advantage of great opportunities when they arise. Our client partners routinely work directly with company principals and decision-makers.


Geographic Scope

We’re focused on multi-family properties in the fastest growing region of the country – the Southeast – where the risk of population emigration or attrition is the lowest.


Investment Type

Our investment offerings are stand-alone, individual properties—not a fund or pool of investment properties. This allows our investors to evaluate and select only those opportunities that are appropriate to their needs.


Portfolio Scope

We limit the number of properties we add to our portfolio every year. In this way, we can give each one the attention it deserves to maximize value growth and returns. And we have a specific focus on the type of properties we pursue.


Property Management

We’re able to maintain focus on what we do best—investment opportunities and asset management—and we avoid conflicts of interest by outsourcing the property management function to the most experienced experts in each local area.

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